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The eGo-T kits is the original  and classical kits on the process of  electronic cigarette revolution.it is a big progress of the e cigarette time.so it had a unshakable place on the e-cigarette market.


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The eGo-W and eGo-C kit is the update version based on the eGo-T,it coming with more function of the atomizer. Bring a new and economical smoking way to the smoker all over the world!


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Dekang eliquid Fruit flavor 10ml 11mg

Banana it is not to strong or week it is just right

Dekang e-liquid Cigarette taste 10ml 11mg

Good stuff. Mellow. Nice trip 5 brand. Can vape it all day...

Hangsen e-liquid vapor liquid 30ml 18mg

I like Vanilla watermelon the service is exceptionally...
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