Hangsen e-liquid

     The hangsen e liquid is using the natural ingredients,making the e-liquid taste sentation of the cigarette smoking.
All the e liquid is 100% original hangsen e-liquid.there are more than 200different flavor for selection.We select 
the popular and good feedback flavor for sell.
The ingredients of the e liquid contains: concentrate(essence),nicotine,PG,VG.The hangsen  acquiescent
e juice has the 70-80%PG+20-30%VG,it will bring the smoker best feeling of vaporing.

We offer 100% Original Hangsen e-liquid!

Please Note:We do not cover customs risk for orders including ejuice from Brazil Canada Mexico Germany Denmark Singapore and Belgium.Thanks for your understanding!


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Hangsen e-juice vapor flavor 30ml 6mg
Hangsen e-juice vapor flavor 30ml 6mg
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